Paint Tips: Resources for Finding the Right Color

I was browsing through some blogs the other day and found a fabulous idea on creating a perfect paint color and wanted to share. Flea Market Trixie creates her own colors using craft paint.

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She mixes different samples together and then when she’s happy with the color, she takes her sample into the paint store and they match it on their computer. Isn’t that a great idea? Her colors turned out gorgeous! Here are a couple of her rooms that she painted using this technique. She even gave me the formula, so if you love the color, you can take the formula into any paint store and they should be able to mix it up for you. Just make sure you have all three sets of numbers and have it mixed in a gallon size. Now we just need to come up with some great names for them. Any ideas? 🙂

Paint Formula for Dining Room:  107-7   101-14   103-13.5

*Love how light and fresh these rooms feel*

Paint formula for bedroom: 103-14   105-2    107-1.5
If you havn’t had a chance to look at her blog, go over and check it out. She just got done with the Parade of Homes Tour, hosted by Poppies At Play, and has a GORGEOUS home. I have no doubt you will fall in love with it, just like I did.
One other great resource I wanted to share with you that may help when choosing a paint color is a website called My favorite part of this site is that it can color match, or find similar colors available from different paint brands.  For example, I love Restoration Hardware colors, but the closest one is 6 hours away. If I wanted to paint my room Silver Sage, but didn’t want to drive that far to pick up a few gallons of paint, then I could go over to Color Charts. If you are in the same predicament, using Silver Sage as an example, you would:
*Type in Silver Sage in the Search button (top right hand corner). A list of manufacturers come up.
*Go down to Restoration Hardware, and click on the link, since that’s the color we’re matching.
*Once the color pops up, click on it and you’ll be taken to a new page.
*Silver Sage is on the right side of the page and underneath it click on “match this color”.
*After that, color matches for different paint brands will come up. I DO have a Benjamin Moore store close by, it’s a 95% match, so I can paint my room Gray Wisp, instead of driving to Chicago to buy my paint. Yeah!
If you have a favorite color in a brand that you don’t have access to, go try it out and see what matches!
Happy Monday!

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