Celebrating One Year at FPC: My Favorite Paint Items and $100 Gift Card

What better way to celebrate ONE YEAR at Favorite Paint Colors than with a giveaway! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by and I want to thank all of you for making this blog a success. Thank you to my readers (you) and for everyone who has inspired us by submitting their rooms and paint colors to this site.  I have loved every minute of it and am amazed at your talent and how paint can transform a space.
So in honor of you, I want to give away a few of my favorite items, along with a $100 gift card to the paint store of your choice. giveaway
And the winner will get…
1. Tight Spots Paintbrush. I was introduced to this brush a few weeks ago when I was helping my friend paint and I fell in love. This brush has a short rubber handle and is so easy to grip, which makes it easy to control the brush lines for tight spots and makes cutting go much faster.
2. Purdy Paintbrush – its name speaks for itself. LOVE everything about this brush. It will last you a lifetime if you take care of it, gives you great coverage and a sharp line.
giveaway43. Last but not least -Frogtape. Another favorite painting essential.
How to Enter:
(Up to 3 entires per person)
1. Simply tell me what paint project is on your to do list that needs to get DONE,
AND/OR tell me what your favorite paint product is.
2. Become a follower of my blog and/or subscribe and let me know that you did so in a separate comment.
3. Post on facebook, twitter or  blog and let me know in separate comment.
Please leave your e-mail so that if selected, I have a way to contact you. Thank you!
Giveaway will end 10 PM EST on Monday, April 23rd. Winner will be selected via random.org and will be notified by e-mail.
(This is not a sponsored giveaway, just some of my favorite things that I want to share. All items came from Sherwin –Williams) Good luck!

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  • We need to repaint our bathrooms.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • I need to paint our whole upstairs.

  • I am a follower of your blog. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  • I also follow your blog.

  • I need to paint my kitchen for sure!

  • Right now we are renting so many of the colors are saved for our future home but to tide yself over I paint furniture!

  • Happy anniversary!! So exciting! We have a set of stairs that used to have nasty green carpet on them. Now they are nasty wood. They really need painted. Dark treads, white risers, numbers on the risers…real original right?! 🙂 But I know i’ll love it.

  • I follow your blog via google reader!

  • I tweeted about the giveaway

  • Happy Anniversary! I need to paint my back decks –yep two of them with lots of peeling paint. Not ambitious enough to change the colors, but it will still be plenty of work 🙂 And you already know I love the brush, but since I have 3 of them, I probably don’t need another…

  • …and I follow your blog…

  • We are going to be moving soon, and most of the house hasn’t been painted in 6 years. So in order to get it listed we are going to be painting the whole house ourselves.

  • I am a follower of your blog.

  • I plan on painting all my storm doors black.


  • I’m also a follower 🙂


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  • I need to paint my daughters room–even she is saying it needs painted and she is only 4!:)

  • I desperately need to paint our electric-mint-green guest bathroom. Love your blog.
    I’m jennifer_m_snow at yahoo.com.

  • I am following you! I always have and always will!:) Happy Anniversary and CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!

  • I am already a follower.

  • I’m prepping my master bedroom for a new paint job and make over!!


  • I need to repaint the kids rooms and get Avery into her own and the boys sharing! mandiesheree at yahoo dot com

  • Been following you the whole time and absolutely love your site!!! You rock Kristin. mandiehseree at yahoo dot com

  • Deb

    My bedroom. We have almost painted every room in my house except mine. It’s my turn!

  • I need to repaint my 80s oak kitchen cabinets plus the kitchen/living room combo, plus the ceiling. I would love to win!

  • I’m already a subscriber, too.

  • Deb

    I’m a follower.

  • Deb

    I posted about your blog on facebook.

  • Last night I just started my next paint project! I’m painting a future nursery and right now the walls are purple and green and they had fairy stickers all over them! It is a big project to say the least…I hope I win!

    Having plan white walls that Im sure have not been painted in years is driving us a bit nuts.


    Having plan white walls that Im sure have not been painted in years is driving us a bit nuts.


    Having plan white walls that Im sure have not been painted in years is driving us a bit nuts.


    Having plan white walls that Im sure have not been painted in years is driving us a bit nuts.


  • well, boy that year did go fast…I think I’m coming on up on five years..gosh I have to check..but Happy Anniversary! My next project is repainting my legs on my farmtable with Anne Sloan Chalk Paint, I have been wanting to try it out. Then if I like it I’ll be painting the current round dining table and bringing it back in from the hiberanation of the garage and the farmtable will be relocated to the patio. Painting project will never stop….lots on the list.

  • Woohoo! Congrats!

    I *have* to get my powder room painted and all the trim and the vanity (as a test run for the kitchen cabinets). Ack! I’m new to painting so it’s all so daunting.

  • Also, I subscribe via rss!

  • Ok..I’m signed in to be a follower….

  • Alrighty I posted it on my facebook..I could really use these items…I am putting you on my blog roll…I thought I already had…

  • Must. Repaint. Livingroom! LOL

  • ….and I’m a follower. Congrats on a year! Goodness, a year already?

  • We just completed several paint projects on our home because we are selling and moving across the country! In the meantime, I have a beautiful vanity table that I MUST get painted. I want to do something fresh & fun with it – maybe turquoise blue? Love your blog – congrats on your blogiversary!

  • Nursery walls! Running out of time to get that done!

    saw99a at yahoo dot come

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  • And I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader!

    tosharific at gmail dot com

  • Happy blog birthday!!! Your blog has been such a valuable resource, thanks for all of your hard work! 🙂

    I have three bedrooms that need to be repainted, free paint, brushes and tape might be just what I need to find the motivation to get them done! Thanks for thinking of us!

  • I’m a happy follower!

  • Jen

    I have to paint my kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms and bedrooms! So I could really use these to help! Love this site!!

  • put a link on my FB page.

  • I had the paint mixed and am just about ready to go. I will be painting my bathroom Crystaline (Benjamin Moore) this weekend. Then new shower curtain and towels and a rug – can’t wait!

  • Happy Anniversary!! I really need to paint my kitchen! The red is making me see…well….red! LOL Plus it’s peeling! Terrible!

  • I have followed your blog since you started it, but I just became an “official” follower! 🙂

  • Can’t decide what color to paint my master bedroom…so it’s been cream for 2 years. It must be painted!!

  • I am now a follower

  • I am a follower

  • Our hands-down favorite paint is Benjamin Moore. We have unsteady hands so Frog Tape is something we have in our stock all the time. And of course, we wouldn’t get get anything done without our trusty Purdy brushes. We moved in a brand new beige box so we’re going to paint every single room eventually. We just did our master bath and both the kids’ rooms. Bliss! Congatulations!

  • We are about to move, and I will have to paint at least 4 rooms.

  • I’m working on getting ready to paint our master bedroom. I’ve redone the entire main floor of our house in the last three years, but have yet to touch that one!

  • I follow your blog!


  • My kitchen is currently half painted, and the other half needs to get done ASAP! I’m really loving my Purdy brush right now. 🙂

  • I currently follow you on Bloglovin’.

  • Elena

    I need to paint my kitchen


  • Elena

    I am a new GFC follower of your blog


  • Elena
  • My daughter and I are going to paint the lower level of her house…this would really help.

  • I have followed your blog since it started.

  • I need to finish painting the doors in my house. Half of them are white and the other half are still waiting.

  • Shared on FB.

  • I am a follower of Favorite Paint Colors:)

  • Liz

    next paint project? we’re going to have a baby girl (our first!) in august, and her nursery is numero uno on my list right now. i’m thinking of painting a white tree and adding some owls or maybe even some faux wainscotting! thanks for the giveaway!


  • Liz

    also, i’m a faithful follower. 🙂

  • A whole year already? Wow! Congratulations, Kristin!

    I’ve been painting to beat the band recently. Believe it or not, I ran out of Heirloom White spray paint yesterday! 🙂

    Next up? Several small spray paint projects and perhaps painting the exercise room. And maybe. . . just maybe. . . the kitchen. Eeek!

  • I just discovered your blog (through Pinterest) and am getting ready to move into a new home which desperately needs all interior painting done. So that’s my BIG project. 🙂

  • Kim

    I have a few painting projects on my to do list: paint our office which will be a nursery in a few months, paint our half bath that is this terrible purplish color, and we just got new living room furniture so I want to spruce the walls up to (we foolishly painted our walls with flat paint before kids and they are filthy!)


  • Congratulations!! Can’t believe it’s been a whole year. My next project?? To paint a yellow arrow from Illinois to Virginia. Love you!

  • Kim

    I am a follower now too!

  • And I’m now following you on FaceBook. 🙂

  • Our master bedroom needs to be painted. We moved into this new house almost 5 years ago and the walls are still white.

  • And Sharing your page on FaceBook. Contact me via email rosearamma at aol dot com

  • I am a follower…of your blog that is.

  • I shared your link on facebook.

  • My husband and I have been building our new home.. OURSELVES..haha.. After 10 months of living in a camper we are close to having the drywall finished and we will be ready to PAINT! So .. I need to paint the whole house! hehe 🙂

  • Following your blog now! Love it! Thank you!

  • Me

    I am a subscriber! Woohoo!!! Thank you!

  • Me

    New job, new life, old paint = doesn’t work. I need to paint both floors upstairs and down, and don’t forget the ceilings!!! I’m so excited for the chance! Thank you

  • Me

    I have tweeted 🙂 Congratulations on your anniversary!

  • We just bought a new house and it really needs some help! The paint is awful and I can’t wait to cover up the lime green walls in the bedrooms 🙂


  • And I just became a new follower! 🙂

  • My to-do list includes touching up the paint on my baseboards and the door trim! I always seem to notice as I am leaving the house…

  • I just painted my kitchen in Martha Stewart’s Mourning Dove and have plans to bring it out to the living room. Before that can happen I need to repaint the baseboards in Home Depot’s Swiss Coffee, yes i do trim first because I try not to use tape as much as possible and I have a pretty steady hand when it comes to the color that meets the trim work.
    I love Purdy brushes they are amaz-balls.

  • I follow you in my Reader Feed. love ya

  • My to do list includes the daunting task of painting the wood paneling up at my in-law’s lake house. Oh the fun!

  • …and I’m an official blog follower!

  • My entire upstairs needs paint!

  • My entire upstairs needs paint!

  • Happily following along!

  • Happily following along!

  • I am in the process of painting interior trim…it will take forever!

  • …also a follower.

  • Anonymous

    I am planning on painting the guest room. Also need to do the trim upstairs. hallieneil@bellsouth.net.

  • laura

    Love this blog. Avid follower. hallieneil@bellsouth.net

  • I have a lot of painting to do. The outdoor shed, master bathroom, kids bathroom, 4th bedroom!

  • I have the downstairs bathroom all prepped, but I also have baseboards in the boys’ rooms and some green stripes in the oldest boy’s room.

  • I would LOVE to win this! I desperately need to paint my master bedroom. curtinfamily07 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • I follow you via GFC!

  • We really need to repaint our bedroom — the too bright goldish yellow has to GO!

    annesatx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • I need to paint my master bedroom!

    Ronin G

  • I follow your blog!

    Robin G

  • My fiance’s knotty pine wood paneling kitchen is OH, 50 years overdue, for multiple coats of primer & paint!! “The Lodge” nickname is quite appropriate 🙂

  • PS – after a year of stalking you via Google Reader, I finally became a followed of your blog! I would so love to win this!!

  • I love FPC! Congrats on one year! I am in the process of painting an entire house. I got most of my color inspiration right here!

  • I’m a follower and I subscribe by e-mail

  • I’m supposed to close on a house in three weeks, so I’ll be doing lots of painting!

  • I also follow you in my reader. Does that count?

  • Anonymous

    I need to paint the kids’ bedroom…and the basement…and the kitchen….and the closets….and the playroom. Hahaha.

    Rochellelambertsen at gmail dot com

  • amelia

    My whole house needs painted! We bought our first house six months ago and the old owners where into the Tuscan theme. Everything is gold or maroon. Our style is a little lighter. So it’s time to paint EVERYTHING!

  • We moved into our current house about a year ago and the whole thing needs to get painted!

    ramble2us (at) gmail (dot) com

  • I follow your blog on Bloglovin’

    ramble2us (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Jen

    I just finised my mudroom, and now it’s time to do the bathroom. It hasn’t been painted in about 5 years, which is a record for me!


    jcmichigan (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Love love love your blog! I look forward to seeing the featured color each day or two and you’ve been a big help in deciding paint colors. Right now, we are working on the “Golden Gate Bridge” project at our house, starting from one end of the house and working/painting our way to the other end since it’s been 14 years since we originally painted! So the next room to be tackled is the kitchen breakfast area and that will be a doozy!

  • I’ve been “following” you in Google Reader, but now I’m officially following you ;o)

  • And I shared on FB ;o)

  • Sjn

    I’ve referenced your blog over the year when picking out a paint color. I love that you started it, what a great idea for a blog!
    My favorite paint product has to be the Purdy Clearcut trim brush, I use mine on every paint project.

  • Sjn

    I’m a faithful follower!

  • I need to paint our kitchen cabinets! Ljyoung85@gmail.com

  • I NEEEEED to re-paint our livingroom. I have colors picked out we just need to do it!

    marmeade0709 @ gmail com

  • I am email subscriber

    marmeade0709 @ gmail com

  • I have GOT to finish a prayer board for my sister’s birthday – the party is tonight!! I need to get to painting the letters for it! On a bigger scale, I need to paint a chest for my sons’ room and the headboard for my room!

  • I follow your blog! 🙂

  • must paint the kitchen!

  • So fun! The laundry room is on my list. I’d love to make it cheery!

  • Am a follower of favorite paint colors; thanks so much!

  • Really need to paint the boys shared bedroom, thanks so much!

  • Kim

    I have so many painting projects….starting w/our “great room” (combination kitchen/family room) and our master bedroom. I think I found the perfect blue-gray for the great room….and I am still deciding on the bedroom (the last greige color I found was too tan).

  • Kim

    I am also a follower of your blog- thanks for all the great inspiration!

  • Kristi L

    I really need to get my front room painted. I have been trying to figure out what color though!

  • I am a follower! 🙂


  • I am a follower! 🙂


  • I would definitely tackle my poor, neglected guest room. Yikes does it need an update!


  • I would definitely tackle my poor, neglected guest room. Yikes does it need an update!


  • I need to paint our library/ computer room. My husband wants a bright yellow, and I want a softer yellow. I’m hoping to find some inspiration! Melissa sent me over!

  • I’m your newest follower! Thanks for the giveaway and inspiration!

  • Michelle

    Our next painting project is the basement!

  • All my door trims need new paint badly…that’s after painting (in progress) our bedroom. Thank you!

  • I need to paint our dining room and the inside of the playhouse in the backyard. I would love to get both finished this spring/summer!

  • I am an email subscriber and have been for a long time! Thank you!

  • Michelle

    Forgot to include my email! Our next painting project is the basement.


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  • My kids bathroom and the upstairs hallway and stairway are in desperate need of paint. Thanks for the incentives.


  • I subscribed through google reader!

  • Sam

    CONGRATS!! I definately HAVE to paint my living room, AGAIN!!! 2 years ago we painted and noticed a few days after we finished that the paint store screwed up!!!! We requested satin finish and they gave us FLAT!!! Soooo not good when you have three boys under 5 touching the walls with their ishy dirty hands!!!

  • I posted your blog on my blog.


  • I subscribed to your blog!


  • We desperately need to paint our basement that doubles as a home office used almost all day. Wood paneling also needs to be painted over in this room. Congrats on a year of blogging!

  • I also follow your blog.

  • I have a whole house to paint. Yikes! Sure could use a gift card to help get me started!

  • Ahhh My WHOLE house, but the open living room/kitchen/dining room would be first.

  • Just subscribed to you via Google Reader =) Glad Melissa posted about your blog.

  • Right now my living room has at least seven colors on the walls–I need to choose a color and get it DONE!!

  • Just bought a new house and all the walls are white! We have a TON of painting to get done!

  • Anonymous

    I will be painting our bathroom this weekend (I hope!). I love purdy brushes, but would love to try the short one featured. Daniele constuff at charter.net

  • The desire to paint my living room has been building for the past few months. All I need is a few days off and it can be done. If I can’t get the time off, I may do one wall at a time until it’s finished!

  • I’m a follower:>)

  • Anonymous

    I have lived in my house for 6 1/2 years and still have a few rooms that have never been painted! Would LOVE to win this prize 🙂 rose_amyd (at) hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

    I became a follower! rose_amyd (at)hotmail.com

  • Amy

    I am now a follower! wordsandwisdomvinyl@gmail.com

  • Amy

    I always have a to-do list. Currently on said list is my office, our upstairs hallway and my kids’ bathroom.

  • We are about to paint our basement, YOWZA! So this would be perfect! In fact, I came to your blog to show my hubby paint color options, ha!! Love your blog, happy one year!!

  • I follow your blog!!

  • Caitlin

    Paint a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, the list could go on!

    permanentxrecord at yahoo dot com

  • I posted on Twitter! 🙂

  • We built our house 6 years ago and had a 3 year old and 1 year at the time…now another…with three kids, I really need to repaint, halls, bathrooms, you name it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • As I am a renter I have no walls that need to be painted… So I paint my furniture instead… Currently my daughter’s play table needs to be painted, her bookcase needs to be painted, the desk my husband’s building needs to be painted, and I have several frames to be painted. 🙂

  • I’m painting all of the trim in our house white – big job!!

  • My bathroom needs to get painted like yesterday. Also a nightstand that’s been on my back porch for the last year 😉

  • Really want to repaint the master bedroom.

  • I subscribed!

  • Anonymous

    I need to paint my whitewash kitchen cabinets black for a new kitchen color scheme. Love all 3 of those products – Frog Tape & Purdy are the BEST!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Jen

    I’m your newest follower!

  • Jen

    I NEED to get the living room repainted. ABout a decade now and BLECH. It’s over.


  • Jen

    I tweeted about the giveaway (@jjmad)


  • I need to paint my kitchen cupboards desperately bad!

  • I’ve followed your blog since about day one :).

  • I need to paint my living room.

  • I’m a follower.

  • I have GOT to finish painting my stairs!!!! this project wanted to take a year, apparently 🙂

  • i follow you! i also like you on FB and want to see more action out of you on there!!!! that’s where i really look for new blog post notifications from my fav blogs 🙂

  • my whole house needs to be repainted!

  • i follow your blog

  • Our kitchen! I have the primer and the paint, I just need to get started!

  • I subscribe via google reader!

  • Anonymous

    Our dining room is first on the list. It has been primed and waiting for a new color longer than I care to admit…


  • Congratulations on 1 Year — I am a newbie blogger and am so tickled I found you (via 320*Sycamore) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
    My first project is a much-needed cabinet makeover in our Breakfast Nook 🙂

  • I am a new follower of your blog 🙂 Yay!

  • I need to paint my back door and my toilet room

  • Up next on our Project Paint List: kids bedroom and bathroom! My fave is Behr paint! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • MBG

    I am now following your blog through google reader!

  • MBG

    ^And! A project on my to-do list is to repaint the stucco panels on the outside of our super “unique” (weird) house! I am crushing on Sherwin-Wms “Macadamia Nut” pretty hard right now! weboughtaproject@gmail.com


  • I always have something rolling around in my head that I would like to paint. Right now it is my front door, a bedroom and big dresser.!

  • Kim N.

    What doesn’t need to be worked on in my house??!! First priority is the master bedroom and all the trim in the bedrooms/hall. LOVE your blog!! jarrodandkim (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • I found your blog through your sister and am now following. Excited to try the short handled paint brush. I didn’t know about that one. Thanks!

  • Deb

    Congrats to you!

    My most recent must do painting project is my 1/2 bath. I want to do “bead board” wallpaper in a cream with a chocolate color above. My email address is decormaven49@yahoo.com

  • k

    We need to paint our children’s rooms LIKE NOW!!! 🙂 Thanks for offering this giveaway! It would really help.

  • K

    I am about to paint my built-ins white and my fireplace brick GRAY! Eek! So nervous!

  • K

    I tweeted about your blog and giveaway on Twitter!

  • K

    I also became a follower of your blog! At least, I think I did.. I clicked the Follow button 🙂

  • I really need some color in my allllll gray house! I’m dying to introduce stripes somewhere, too! I can’t get enough of Ben paint!

  • I’m following!

  • Meg

    Long time reader of your sister’s blog… so glad to have found yours! Congrats on one year! My kitchen/dining room and living room need to be painted desperately.

  • Meg

    And I became a subscriber via google reader!

  • Oh gosh – I have been dying to paint my kitchen/living room for ages! Our house was a new construction so painting is something that just keeps getting put off. I’m really tired of looking at plain white walls so I would really love to win!

  • Also, I’ve been following your blog since you first launched last year!

  • I NEED to paint the hallway!

  • I am now a follower through Google Reader!

  • Anonymous

    need to paint master bed/bathroom
    following your blog!

  • Navy blue son’s bedroom MUST be completed!

  • i need to sand and paint the trim around the back door… not as fun as painting an interior wall and seeing a room transformed. sherwin williams is my favorite brand.

  • My bedroom needs paint, along with the bathroom & kids room.

  • I am subscribed to your blog through google reader! Love it! Keep up the good work!

  • My bedroom needs paint, along with the bathroom & kids room.

  • I need to paint this hutch I picked up from goodwill. Although we are moving this summer and I know I will want to paint every inch of our new home too!

  • I am now a follower! Can’t wait to use your blog as a resource when we move into our new home this summer!

  • I just posted your giveaway and linked you to my blog!


  • Oh I need to paint my office- it’s never been painted- just primed…

  • I want to paint my master bedroom so bad. I’m thinking somekind of light gray.


  • I am a follower.


  • I JUST bought a piece of furniture to fill a nagging empty space – but it needs paint ASAP!! Can’t wait to start!!! 🙂

  • I follow your blog!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Love your website. I am always checking it to get ideas for paint colors. After taking the wood paneling down, the family room is in need of some paint. My fav paint is SW.

  • .

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I am dying to paint our honey oak kitchen cabinets white! And the kitchen walls might need an update too!!

  • I subscribed to your blog!

  • I would love to win! I am moving so I have a lot of painting to do in the new house. The first room I am going to paint is the living room.

  • I really want to paint my bedroom. Your blog has given me some great paint ideas. Thanks for the giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  • I’m a follower of Favorite Paint Colors. Thanks!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I am eight months pregnant and “nesting”! I have 3 painting projects I am working on now. Furniture mostly. My favorite is painting a bedroom!

  • We need to paint the front porch and the deck so very badly! First, the old paint has to be sanded down and that just doesn’t sound fun. Trying to get up the desire to start…..
    MegJill at
    he4rken at yahoo dot com

  • I am now a follower!
    MegJill at
    he4rken at yahoo dot com

  • The painting project that’s next for me: repainting our living room from chocolate brown to light gray. It’s going to take a lot of primer!

  • Also, I’ve been a subscriber to your blog for a while. I have my color picked out from one of your posts!

  • Erika

    Hi and thanks for a chance to win!!
    We are moving to a new house next month and the whole house needs to be painting inside. This would sure come in handy!
    erikasgraphicdesign at gmail dot com

  • Im working on my kitchen table…then to repaint the kitchen and dining room…

  • ive been a follower of your blog for a long time…


  • I posted about you giveaway in FB.

  • I need to get my bathroom painted. Thanks for the giveaway. (Visiting from 320*Sycmore.)

  • Our whole house could use to be repainted. However, first on my list is probably the bathroom.

  • Anonymous

    It is time to update the main bathroom.


  • Anonymous

    I am a follower!



  • We are moving into a new home in a couple weeks so I have a list of ideas to make this house our home!

  • I’m also following your blog!

  • Anonymous

    My bedroom is next on the list. Denisebraun(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • We are about 2 weeks away from our basement being finished, and then we will have some serious painting to do. I would love to win!

  • Desperately need to paint my Master Bed and Bath. Even have the paint just need to prep the walls and Get Going!! kbsbcadams@aol.co

  • Only my entire house!

  • I am totally a follower!

  • I want to paint our kitchen and maybe master bathroom.

  • I subscribe to your blog now just like your awesome sister’s blog.

  • I posted under current giveaways on my blog sidebar.

  • We are buying our first house this month and we need to paint our kid’s new rooms that they are sooo excited about!!! I love Purdy brushes! Thanks!!! wjp01bap@sbcglobal.net

  • I facebooked about your blog:)

    • sorry! I blogged it, not facebooked!!! 🙂

  • I’m a new follower of your blog!!!

  • I would love to repaint our living room! It is grey right now but I’d love a warm brown.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  • I follow via GFC
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  • My kitchen cabinets is next on the list! I’m scared to death, but that $100 would go a long way with oil-based primer. Thanks!

  • I need to paint my brand new house before moving in!

  • Our next project is to remove the floral border in our bedroom and paint over the sponge paint. I’ll finally be able to sleep peacefully!

  • Joanne B.

    Thanks for this chance to get some paint! We love Sherwin-Williams and if I could just decide on a color, we wold like to paint our kitchen/family room area. Having this hedstart on buying the paint will surely help! (If only it woulkd help me pick the color! Oh well, who knows! Maybe if I win I might just be able to commit!)Thanks again!

  • Dying to repaint the dining room… blue is such a hard color to perfect! Thanks for the chance 🙂
    meganrtanner@ gmail

  • I am following through google!

    I need to paint my Master bedroom and bathroom! I painted it when we first moved in the house, almost 8 years ago. Time for a change.

  • I have to repaint my dresser! I painted it a glossy black (from a beat-up ugly stain) when I was 16. Now, I want to dress it up in a gray with white chevron stripes!

  • And I just signed up to follow you!

  • In two weeks we get to move to a new house. We will be painting almost every room and would love to have these great supplies!

  • I am following your blog. I love to see the pictures! Thanks!