Sherwin -Williams 2013 Color of the Year

Happy December! I hope that everyone is well and that you are enjoying this holiday season so far.

Today, I want to introduce you to the next Sherwin-Williams color of the year! It’s fresh, serene, adaptable and I think soo 2013.
Aloe SW6464 - Sherwin Williams color of the year

    Meet: “Aloe”

Aloe SW6464 - Sherwin Williams color of the year
Aloe SW6464 - Sherwin Williams color of the year

Jackie Jordan, color expert from Sherwin-Williams says Aloe is “a perfect pick for everyday spaces such as a breezy sunroom or a well-dressed living room,”  and calls it “no ordinary pastel”.  Jordan says “While Aloe’s vibe can verge on retro, when paired with caviar blacks, crisp whites or soft grays, Aloe has a new soul and attitude.”
Fun, huh?
Also, here is a great pictograph with more ideas on how it could be used in your home or office.

What do you think? Do you like it? For me, I could picture it in a bathroom with fun, vibrant colors, a laundry room with white cabinets, or a tween girl’s room with retro décor. Is this a color you would use in your home? If so, where?

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