My 5 Top White Paint Colors

Lately I have had quite a few questions about picking out the right white paint. So today we’re going to talk about a few of the most versatile, fail-proof, go with everything white paint colors there are. When it comes down to picking out the perfect white paint and you have dozens of choices to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. Warm whites, cool whites, ultra whites, creamy whites – it’s kind of hard to know what to pick. So I have taken my number one choice from 5 popular paint brands (Benjamin Moore, Behr, Glidden, Sherwin-Williams and Valspar) to hopefully help you narrow down your choice. I love these whites because they will work for anything and go with pretty much any color. Whether you are painting trim, wainscoting, walls, cabinets or a piece of furniture, these colors will work beautifully.

Top 5 White Paint Colors {most versatile whites from 5 popular brands}

*My favorite white from Benjamin Moore: White Dove

*Favorite from Behr: Swiss Coffee

*My top white from Sherwin-Williams: Dover White

*The best white from Glidden: Antique White

*And my favorite white by Valspar? Bistro White

Here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures using the colors above.

Favorite white from Benjamin Moore - White Dove

The wall color is White Dove by Benjamin Moore. I love how clean and classy white walls can make a room feel.


White Dove on the kitchen cabinets and island. Another fresh, clean look.


Favorite white paint from Behr - Swiss Coffee on board and batten

The board and batten and trim are all painted Swiss Coffee by Behr from this lovely guest bedroom.

Live on Virginia Street

Favorite white from Sherwin-Williams: Dover White painted trim

All of the trim is painted Dover White by Sherwin-Williams. Love the contrast it gives to this other light neutral.


Favorite white paint from Glidden

Katy from Made by Katy used Antique White by Glidden when she painted stripes in her laundry room. So cute!

Beautiful white paint from Valspar - Bistro White in mudroom

LOVE this mudroom painted Bistro White by Valspar.


painted kitchen countertops - Bistro White by Valspar

And painted countertops in Bistro White. So pretty!

Buckets of Burlap

For more pictures and inspiration of white paint on FPC, see here.

So what about you? Is there favorite white you have used in your home? I would love to hear about it. Have a beautiful weekend!!

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  • Jenny Williamson

    Great post! Always on the lookout for more great white paint colors. Bistro White is a new one for me! Thanks for sharing!

  • Katie

    I so needed this! I have been looking for a good white for our bedroom and I think I have found it in Dove White. FWIW, I also really love BM’s China White.

    • It’s a great color and I don’t think you will be disappointed. I was talking with the Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paint consultants here and both Dover White and White Dove were their number one selling whites, very popular which says something about how people like them. 🙂 I have heard great things about China White as well, I have never tried it in person but have seen it in a lot of beautiful spaces. Let me know how your bedroom turns out and thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Daphne

    I have Dover White in my home and think it’s too yellow. I am sure the light affects it because we need more light in our home. I tried Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster in our pantry and also on a porch ceiling. I think I prefer Alabaster.

    • Thanks for sharing, Daphne. Dover White is definitely a warmer white and will vary how it looks based upon the lighting, paint color it’s next too, and other colors in the room. Funny how paint does that, but I agree, Alabaster is another beautiful white.

  • Terri C

    Do you have any favorites from Lowes or Home Depot?

    Thank you for your very informative blog!

  • LBD

    I’m a professional decorator and I always tell my clients a few things when it comes to working with white.
    White Dove by Benjamin Moore is actually the exact same as factory finish white. In other words if you buy white shelving at Ikea, a white door at Home Depot etc… it’s the EXACT same colour white.
    I love Swiss Coffee by Valspar. It’s really more of a French shabby chic white without all the yellow. Perfect for rooms that get little sun.
    Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is the whitest white they have ( it is brighter than Super White and Decorators White because it has blue added to it) and is great for trim work.