more paint samples + my new favorite greige

We are almost done painting our interior, I can’t believe I’m saying that. There were times when I thought this day would never come. We still have our master bedroom and the kitchen to finish but our flooring is being installed on the 19th of this month so everything HAS to be done by then. I am finally seeing the light at the end of our tunnel. Smile I am not going to do any big reveals until after the flooring is in, the carpet is so gross right now, but I wanted to show you some more samples and how I went about picking my paint colors.

For the main living area, I wanted a warm greige – I had decided to paint it Wheat Bread by Martha Stewart, which I had sampled and loved on the fan deck and on our walls, and I had loved it in my sister’s home and pictures online, but when we painted the entryway and stairway it looked PURPLE.  I thought maybe it was because of the carpeting, which has purple undertones, and so I sat on it a couple of days and thought maybe it was just me or the weird lighting? Then my daughter walked in the house and the first thing she said was “I like the purple paint color, Mom”. So I decided we needed a change. Purple was not what I had in mind. Luckily I had only bought a gallon of paint. I’ve learned to not buy more than that until I am absolutely POSITIVE that’s what we are using. So I sampled more colors and decided to go with Accessible Beige, which I LOVE. You can see in this picture it’s not a whole lot different, except it doesn’t look purple and it’s a perfect greige. It looks beige in some lights and gray in others. I love it and would recommend it to anyone, and at this moment, it’s my new favorite neutral. I loved it so much we painted the nursery that color too, which I will show you in another post.

Testing out paint colors

the perfect greige paint color

A few weeks ago I did post about picking out a paint color for our kitchen. I had chosen Castle Path, which I still love, but I think I’m going to add some more color and use Castle Path in our bedroom. I know, I’m so indecisive. That’s what happens when you spend 2+ months painting I guess, it’s given me too much time to change my mind. I will talk kitchen paint colors later, but just wanted to show you the difference of what Castle Path looks like against white and what it looks like in our bedroom.

castle path by Martha Stewart

In the kitchen

castle path 2

It looks like a completely different color here. I know it’s because of the background color, but it’s crazy how paint can change from room to room. My point? If you want to love your paint color, sample it like crazy and look at it in every room and every light because it will change.

Favorite blue paint colors

Lastly, my daughters wanted “blue” in their room. So I sampled a few different colors, some turquoises and some gray-blues.

1. Rainwashed by Sherwin-Williams

2. Rainwashed at 50%

3. Watery by Sherwin-Williams

4. Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams

5. Vapor Trails by Benjamin Moore

6. Comfort Gray by Benjamin Moore

I decided to go with #1 for their bedroom – one of my top 10 turquoises. Here are some other favorites I posted about here.

Top 10 Turquoise Paint Colors

So this is kind of the process I went through to decide on some of the paint colors for our home. No easy tricks or tips, just getting an idea of what you like by looking at fan decks, online pictures, and other peoples houses, etc. and then sampling the heck out of them. Are any of you as indecisive as I am??? There are just too many pretty colors!

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