Painted Dresser: Grays Harbor {the perfect blend of navy + gray}

Before we moved to Montana we got rid of all our furniture so we didn’t have to haul it across the country and put it in storage. We slowly have been accumulating more but our master bedroom was in bad shape. Like this bad. It’s embarrassing, I know. Clothes in plastic storage bins and not a whole lot of organization, as you can see.


So when I came across this dresser at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago ($40 and it was SOLID, real wood) I bought it.

dresser before

I knew I wanted to paint it a navy gray, if that’s such a color. Navy with gray in it basically, so I searched through my fan decks and thought Grays Harbor SW 6236 looked perfect.

grays harbor by sherwin-williams

It was exactly what I was looking for and love how well it compliments the wall color so well.(Castle Path by Behr)

painted dresser after

I was going to buy new hardware, I even filled in the holes with wood filler but when I started looking at prices, I decided to just spray paint them. I used Rustoleum Nickel.

dresser after

A huge improvement and difference in mood, compared to our jumbled mess earlier.

color combination for master bedroom

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  • Momza

    lovely! I enjoy upcycling furniture …and Montana is a beautiful place to call “home”.

  • Gina

    Love that color. Good idea to just spray the hardware, it looks new.

    • Thanks, Gina! It is a much less expensive option than buying all new hardware 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Did you spray it or use a brush? Degloss? Sand?

    • Jennifer – I sanded the dresser using my palm sander (100 grit sandpaper) and removed the varnish. Then I sprayed 2 coats of Krylon primer, let it dry, and then rolled on Grays Harbor and used a paint brush on the hard to reach places. I used Sherwin-Williams ProClassic which I would highly recommend for furniture. It is a good self-leveling paint and doesn’t leave a lot of roller or brush marks. Hope this helps!