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E-mails From My Readers: Gray Without Blue Undertones and a Charity Painting Service

Happy Tuesday! I have a couple of reader e-mails I wanted to share with you today. One is from Brooke.

“Hi Kristin, I was planning on repainting my room gray but all that grays I have seen have a blue tint to them. Do have any suggestion? Thanks!”

My response 🙂

“Hi Brooke! How are you?! Thanks so much for e-mailing me. I have a few favorite grays that shouldn’t have blue undertones. Sometimes lighting and other colors in your room can bring out different undertones but these should be pretty gray.

*Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore- definitely more of a warm gray, but it looks amazing without any weird undertones.
*Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore
*Amazing Gray – Sherwin-Williams
*Analytical Gray – Sherwin Williams
*Functional Gray – Sherwin Williams
I would buy samples (any paint store should carry these colors) and paint them on a piece of posterboard. Put it up in your room and move it around and look at it during different times of day. If you paint your samples directly on your walls the previous color can skew the actual color, so that’s why I like posterboard best. “
She e-mailed me back with her bedroom before and after, which I always love. It’s amazing what a little paint can do. Here it is…
teen bedroom before
teen bedroom after
Brooke decided to go with Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore. I love how the new paint makes the accessories on her wall and bed pop out, it looks great.
Do you have a favorite true gray? They are tricky to find sometimes, but the colors I mentioned above are some of my favorites. I would love to hear some of yours.
Here is another e-mail I received from a reader:
“Hello Kristin,

My name is Brian Jensen with New Life Painting in Santa Maria, CA. We are a bathroom and kitchen remodeling company that’s been serving California’s Central Coast since 1979.

We’re honored to support our local community in California’s Central Coast through our annual Paint-It-Forward charity program. A few times a year, we ask our local community to nominate a nonprofit or family that needs painting services but that can’t afford them.

Last year’s recipient was Fairgrove Elementary School in San Luis Obispo County. People from several surrounding cities took part in this event to beautify the school and give back to their community. You can see more about the project in this short video:

This  is such an awesome service that is given by New Life Painting. The library looks amazing and I love the colors in the forest theme.

For more information about New Life Painting, or to submit a business or family you know that needs painting services but cannot afford them, see here.

I love hearing from you. If you have a paint question feel free to contact me at I would love to try and help.

Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!

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