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Top 10 Most Popular Paint Colors at FPC

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m sharing with you the top 10 most popular colors here at FPC. I have been doing this blog for over 6 years now and have compiled hundreds of rooms and paint colors, here are the ones with the most pageviews and pins. All are Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams. I thought you might enjoy seeing what they were. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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Our New Front Door + Spring Exterior Door Colors

Hello friends! We enjoyed a wonderful break last week and I am so happy that it is officially spring.

Today I am sharing my front door with you. We have been working on updating the exterior of our home for a while now. We painted the whole exterior last fall, which I will show you soon, but one of my favorite new additions is our front door.

Here is a before picture with the old door and blue paint…

We looked a lot of places but ultimately ended up buying our door from Home Depot.

Here it is before I painted it.

And here it is after we painted it with a new spring wreath. The paint color is Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore and it’s one of my all-time favorite door colors. Everywhere I have seen it in person, it has looked amazing so when we were ready to paint I knew I loved it so much I didn’t even sample, I just bought the paint. I have been so pleased with the color, in every season so far, but this color is soo perfect for spring.

I love colorful front doors. There are so many possibilities to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. I put together some colors that I adore for front doors, and was looking at myself, and have spring written all over them. So if you want an inexpensive, easy way to spruce up your exterior – pick a color and start painting. This door took me 2 hours to paint and cost less than $30.

Do you have a favorite front door color?

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Popular Paint Colors to Paint Your Whole House

Popular Colors to Paint Your Whole House

Are you purchasing a home, or looking to build? Paint colors can be overwhelming but if you focus on painting your house one neutral color and adding color through decor and furniture, it might make the picking out process a little easier.

Here are some popular neutral colors that would work well for any room in your home.

Popular Paint Colors to Paint Your Whole House

Edgecomb Gray bedroom paint color

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore. This is a great greige. We actually just painted our bathroom this color and I love it. I haven’t seen any weird undertones and it goes with anything.


Mindful Gray exterior paint color

Mindful Gray looks great on the outside or inside. This exterior is classy, clean and looks amazing.


colors to paint your whole house

Mindful Gray is also used in this bathroom and would look great throughout the whole home.


paint colors to paint your whole house

Revere Pewter has got to be one of the most popular paint colors around. It is a perfect greige and doesn’t have any crazy undertones. I have loved it in ever home I have seen it in. If you need a no-fail neutral, you can’t go wrong with Revere Pewter.


colors to paint your whole house

Here is Revere Pewter in a larger living space.


colors to paint your whole house

Sea Salt is another popular neutral color that has blue and green in it. I love it paired with bright white, or darker wood.

Sand & Sisal

colors to paint your whole house

Agreeable Gray is another very popular color for your whole home. It is very similar to Revere Pewter, but has more gray.


colors to paint your whole house

 A huge trend right now is to paint your whole interior white. White Dove is a perfect color, it’s warmer so it doesn’t seem so stark and if you are looking for more of a farm house look, this is a great way to start.

Dear Lillie

I hope this helps if you are looking for one continuous color to go in your home. You really can’t go wrong with any of these colors. Thanks for stopping by and happy painting!

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Popular Pottery Barn Paint Colors

Who loves looking at Pottery Barn catalogs for inspiration? I know I do, and I love looking at the paint colors that are chosen for each space.  It’s fun to see how they put the rooms together and how the paint coordinates with the rest of the decor. The spring/summer 2017 palette has some great colors, and today I put together some of the most used and most popular ones to help you get started if you are looking for that perfect color.

I have seen all of these colors in person and multiple times from pictures and they have not disappointed. There is a reason why Pottery Barn has chosen them. They are beautiful and look great in so many rooms and spaces. You can see how they have used the colors in their Pottery Barn catalogs. I have also put together a few inspiration pictures from beautiful homes around the web.  Enjoy!

navy paint color

Naval by Sherwin-Williams


beige paint color

Bungalow Beige by Sherwin-Williams

Home Bunch

bedroom paint color

Halcyon Green by Sherwin-Williams


living room paint color

Functional Gray by Sherwin-Williams


exterior paint colors

I love this model showing Inkwell by Sherwin-Williams and Luxurious Red for the shutters and the door. Red is a great accent color and would also look really good in a room with crisp white trim or molding.


Happy Painting! 🙂

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Reader’s Question + More Paint Colors To Go With Wood (Red Pine)

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is about paint that coordinates with wood. I had a reader contact me the other day, wondering what to do about her kitchen cabinets and wall so that the colors would work well with her red pine trim and doors.

The woodwork in her home is beautiful, I love the big fat trim around the windows, the hardwood floors and the red pine doors. As you can see the ceiling is also planked wood, but she is planning on covering that up with drywall and then painting it white to lighten up the kitchen. She is also getting new custom cabinets, and a new quartz countertop.

Her question was what color to do the cabinets and the walls to coordinate with the red pine she has in her home. Her contractor suggested she go with blonde maple cabinets, and she wanted Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart to go on her walls.

I put together a palette so that she could see what that might look like with the wood, and also added a few other greiges that I think would go great with Red Pine.

greige paint colors to go with wood trim and cabinets

From top to bottom the paint colors are Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams, Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart, Pismo Dunes by Benjamin Moore, and Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. I love all of these colors because they are warmer greiges, which you want you have a warmer wood such as red pine.

Debbie has been going back and forth between blonde maple cabinets and painted. I told her that either one would work, it just depended on the décor style she was looking for. Mixing woods can be very beautiful, but to me the wood in her kitchen would really pop if she went with painted cabinets. I found some inspiration pictures with woodwork and I love the beauty of the wood itself when the rest of the room is a neutral color.

kitchen with wood trim


kitchen with wood trim


white kitchen cabinets with oak trim


kitchen with oak trim


 kitchen with wood trim


My go-to color for white cabinets is White Dove by Benjamin Moore. It’s got a touch of cream to warm up the color and it doesn’t have any weird undertones. Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams is an identical match to White Dove if you prefer Sherwin-Williams.

white dove benjamin moore


With wood, I love beiges, creams, greens, and blues.

paint colors to go with warm wood

 Here are some of my favorites from each category I listed above that would look great with warm, wood trim.

Starting at the top: Ivoire by Sherwin-Williams – a light cream with a touch of yellow.

Network Gray by Sherwin-Williams, a great blue-gray that is a good contrast with wood trim. Here is an example of blue with wood.

blue paint with wood trim


The middle color is Huntington Beige by Benjamin Moore. A great neutral with a hint of brown.

Crisp Khaki by Benjamin Moore– a great tan that would work well with any type of wood trim.

The last color is Svelte Sage by Sherwin-Williams. I love green with wood, as I’ve mentioned before it’s natures best combination. Here is an example of a sagey green with wood.

I hope this helps when trying to decide the best paint color to go with your wood trim. I also hope to follow up with you and show you the transformation of Debbie’s kitchen and let you know what she decides. For more posts I have done on paint colors to go with wood trim and cabinets, see here. Have a great day!

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Parade of Homes Paint Color Scheme and Tour

Welcome back for more tours from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes! This is home #40 on the tour and is gorgeous. It had a lot of room for entertaining (9,400 square feet) and was contemporary but very tastefully done. It also had a great color scheme, lots of fun colors in the bedrooms and cabinets, with one main color throughout.

UV Parade of Homes #40

These pictures capture only a portion of the house, but give you an idea of their style and colors used throughout. The main color used throughout the whole home was Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams. Enjoy!


UV Parade kitchen

Kitchen island paint color: Online by Sherwin-Williams

office paint color

Wall paint color: Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams

Desk paint color: Network Gray by Sherwin-Williams

girls bedroom paint color

bedroom paint - green


bathroom paint color

Kids bedroom and bathroom paint color: Hearts of Palm by Sherwin-Williams

master bedroom - wall paper on accent wall


UV parade master bedroom

master bath

Master bedroom and bathroom paint color: Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams

guest bedroom accent wall

Guest bedroom paint color: Cyberspace (accent wall) and Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams


playroom accent wall

Kids playroom: Coral Reef by Sherwin-Williams

mudroom cabinets


Mudroom cabinets: Network Gray by Sherwin-Williams

bathroom vanityBathroom vanity: Online by Sherwin-Williams

Parade of Homes Paint Color Scheme

To see more houses from the Parade of Homes, see here. Have a wonderful 4th of July! I will be back next week with more home tours and color schemes.

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More Paint Colors from the UV Parade of Homes (my favorite home!)

Today I am posting more pictures and paint colors from the UV Parade of Homes. This one was my very favorite home we went through for lots of reasons. I loved that it wasn’t way over the top – it was decorated very tastefully, not too cluttered, it wasn’t huge like some of the other houses we walked through, only  a mere 6,000 square feet, ha!  I loved the dark wood combined with the white cabinets and trim throughout the home, the paint colors were pretty similar, but they didn’t feel too overpowering or monotonous. I loved going through the pictures again and remembering how much I loved it.

As I mentioned in my last post, I went with my sister and Mom, this was their favorite home too! You can see 320 Sycamore at the bottom each picture, my sister posted her tour here with lots of awesome details and I am providing the paint colors, so thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy this home as much as we did.

brick exterior

The main color that was used throughout a majority of the home was Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams at 50%. It looked beautiful with the dark wood, and the white trim. Everything felt very open, light and airy.

entryway paint color

sitting room paint color

family room paint color

kitchen paint color - dark cabinets

I LOVED the kitchen cabinets! They were gorgeous.

dining room paint color

laundry room paint color

Laundry room paint color: Silver Crest by Sherwin-Williams

periwinkle paint color

Bathroom paint color: November Skies by Benjamin Moore

guest bedroom paint color

guest bathroom paint color  guest bathroom paint color

Guest bedroom and bathroom: Silver Crest by Sherwin-Williams

serene master bedroom paint color

master bedroom paint color

master bathroom paint color

Master bedroom and bathroom: Silver Crest by Sherwin-Williams

downstairs main paint color

downstairs main paint color

downstairs main paint color

Downstairs main paint color: Gossamer Veil by Sherwin-Williams

theatre room paint colors

Theatre room: Silver Strand at 50%

Roycroft Pewter (wainscoting and trim) by Sherwin-Williams

playroom paint color

blue bathroom - paint color

Playroom and bathroom: Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams

boys room paint color

Guest bedroom: Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams

girls room paint color

guest bedroom paint color

Guest Bedroom: Gossamer Veil by Sherwin-Williams

black and white bathroom paint color

Guest bathroom: Site White by Sherwin-Williams

guest bedroom paint color

Guest Bedroom: Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams

blue paint color scheme

To see past homes and paint colors from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, see here.

I will be posting more homes and paint colors next week. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Favorite Paint Color Combinations

Wow, I can’t believe we are to the end of October. I have loved looking at different color combinations, and today I wanted to share a few favorites from around the web.

1. Do you get the BHG magazine in your mailbox? If so, you will see a color palette, similar to the ones below inside. I love these ideas for coordinating colors – for accent colors, accessories, and even your wardrobe.

u BHG color combinations


2. I love every single one of these colors. Enough said. If you are looking for a great whole house color scheme, and like these colors, this would be a great place to start.

whole house color scheme


3. A pretty exterior paint color combination.

Exterior color scheme


4. Another lovely whole house color scheme. Similar to the one above.

New House wall colors


5. Fabric is a great way to get ideas for paint colors. I used one of our pillows in our bedroom to find the paint color for our dresser. This is such a fun, bright and cheery palette.

Color palette


For more paint color combinations see here.

Have a spooky Halloween weekend, enjoy an extra hour of sleep, and we will see you next month! Winking smile Thanks for stopping by!

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Coastal Paint Color Combination

Do you live by the coast, or want to feel like you do? Here is a color combination just for that, with some beautiful cool neutrals. Once again, great for interior or exterior painting. Enjoy! Smile

Coastal Paint Color Combo

Paint color combination for Elder White

#1 Elder White by Sherwin-Williams


Paint color combination for Fawn Brindle

#2 Fawn Brindle by Sherwin-Williams


Paint color combination for Coastal Plain

#3 Coastal Plain by Sherwin-Williams


Paint color combination for Comfort Gray

#4 Comfort Gray by Sherwin-Williams


See more paint color combinations here

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Earth Toned Paint Color Combination

Happy Friday my favorite readers! Smile Today’s paint color combination has 4 colors that flow beautifully together, compliment each other yet look great individually as well. The pictures below give you an idea of what each paint color looks like on the wall, but this earth-toned palette would also work great for the exterior of a home.

Earth toned paint color combo

#1 Cypress Green by Benjamin Moore

Cypress Green color combination

Cypress Green is a great mix of sage and olive green.

#2 Polar Frost by Benjamin Moore

Polar Frost color combination


#3 Evening Dove by Benjamin Moore

Evening Dove Benjamin Moore paint color combination

I love this navy/gray blue – it looks so pretty on these walls, but I also think it would make a great exterior paint color.


#4 French Press by Benjamin Moore

Earth toned paint color combination


Brown paint can be so beautiful, I don’t see much of it anymore but I think it adds rich color without being too overwhelming. You can pair it with so many different colors, too.

See more paint color combinations here.

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