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Farrow and Ball Paint Combination

I love looking at Farrow and Ball paint colors. Their neutral palette is amazing and I don’t think you could go wrong with any of their colors. Did you know that you can order a free colour book from them? I know their paint is more expensive and not everywhere sells it, we have a local paint store here that carries Farrow and Ball, but if you want a gorgeous color and you love it, the extra money might be worth it. My sister did a post on a great paint resource that can help you “match” the Farrow and Ball colors to other paint companies, that’s also a great option. Enjoy!!

Farrow and Ball Paint Combo


Bone paint color combo

#1 – Bone by Farrow and Ball



Elephant's Breath paint color combo

#2- Elephant’s Breath by Farrow and Ball




Lamp Room Gray

#3 Lamp Room Gray by Farrow and Ball



Downpipe paint color combo

4. Downpipe by Farrow and Ball


For more paint color combos, see here. Have a wonderful day!!

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Autumn Paint Color Combo

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend up by Glacier Park, and I was so inspired by all of the fall colors, I decided to put them together in a paint color combination. If you are looking for a warm paint palette for your home, this might be your answer. I love the golden tones and rich colors.

Autumn paint color combination

Hopsack paint color combination

#1 Hopsack by Sherwin-Williams


Crisp Linen paint color combination

#2 Crisp Linen by Sherwin-Williams


Bold Brick by Sherwin-Williams

#3 Bold Brick by Sherwin-Williams

Paint color combination for Anjou Pear

#4 Anjou Pear by Sherwin-Williams


For more paint color combinations, see here. Have a wonderful day!

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Paint Color Combination #2

Here is paint color combo #2. I received an e-mail from a reader looking for color to go with Tapestry Beige by Benjamin Moore (#4). Here are some options that I think would look great, either on the walls, accessories, or even the exterior. If I were going to do the exterior, I would use 1, 2 and 4. There are so many possibilities.

Paint Color Combination - Favorite Paint Colors

Below, each color is listed and you can get an idea of what it looks like on the wall.

Color combination for Stampede

#1 Stampede by Benjamin Moore


Color combination for Patriot Red

#2 Patriot Red (formally known as Confederate Red) by Benjamin Moore


Color combination for Urban Nature

#3 Urban Nature by Benjamin Moore


Color combination for Tapestry Beige

#4 Tapestry Beige by Benjamin Moore


Thanks for stopping by! If you have a paint color you need a little help with, feel free to contact me at Have a wonderful weekend!

For more paint color combinations, see here.

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Paint Color Combinations – All Month Long!

Happy October! This is a wonderful month for so many reasons. The weather here in Montana has been absolutely perfect, the colors are amazing, the decorations are so much fun and who doesn’t love apple cider, pumpkins, and sweaters? It’s one of my favorites, and I hope to make it even a little sweeter by posting paint color combinations all month long. One of my most frequently asked questions is about coordinating paint colors, so I hope that this month will help with your color decisions, whether it’s one room or a whole home.

Paint Combo #1

With these four colors from Sherwin-Williams, you could put them together however you like. Here I have #4, Palisade by Sherwin-Williams, as the main color and the top three used as accent colors. Or you can see below how they look in individual rooms if you are looking for a whole house color scheme.

Sherwin-Williams color combination

#1 China Doll by Sherwin-Williams


Grizzle Gray color combination

#2 Grizzle Gray by Sherwin Williams


Sea Salt color combination

#3 Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams


paint color combination for Palisade

#4 Palisade by Sherwin-Williams


Do you have a paint color that you are trying to find coordinating colors for? Send it on over and I will do my best to give some suggestions in a post. I hope you have a wonderful first day of October!

For more paint color combinations, see here.

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Painted Dresser: Grays Harbor {the perfect blend of navy + gray}

Before we moved to Montana we got rid of all our furniture so we didn’t have to haul it across the country and put it in storage. We slowly have been accumulating more but our master bedroom was in bad shape. Like this bad. It’s embarrassing, I know. Clothes in plastic storage bins and not a whole lot of organization, as you can see.


So when I came across this dresser at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago ($40 and it was SOLID, real wood) I bought it.

dresser before

I knew I wanted to paint it a navy gray, if that’s such a color. Navy with gray in it basically, so I searched through my fan decks and thought Grays Harbor SW 6236 looked perfect.

grays harbor by sherwin-williams

It was exactly what I was looking for and love how well it compliments the wall color so well.(Castle Path by Behr)

painted dresser after

I was going to buy new hardware, I even filled in the holes with wood filler but when I started looking at prices, I decided to just spray paint them. I used Rustoleum Nickel.

dresser after

A huge improvement and difference in mood, compared to our jumbled mess earlier.

color combination for master bedroom

See more painted furniture and color combinations

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!




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Painted Side Table: Arugula

Our living room is pretty neutral right now and is in need of some color. I have blues, greens and yellows in some of my décor but need another “pop” of color to add to our neutral walls. (We painted them Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams.) I thought this table would be perfect.

little stand

I decided to go green. I looked through so many different shades in my fan deck, I didn’t want anything sagey or lime, or too bright. I thought Arugula SW 6446 looked perfect.


I used Sherwin-Williams Harmony paint in semi-gloss and it went on great. I usually use ProClassic, but my store was out of the quart size for this shade so I decided to try this.

green paint

It went on beautifully and it’s the perfect “pop” that our living room needed and a great accent color for our walls.

little side table

Accent color for neutral walls

I am almost done with my dresser and picture frame, I will be back tomorrow to share my progress and paint colors I have been using to add more color to our home. I hope you have a great day!

See more color combinations and painted furniture.

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Behr 2014 Color Trends

2014 Paint Color Trends {Benjamin Moore & Valspar}

Happy Friday everyone! Last month I featured Sherwin Williams color of the year, Exclusive Plum, and wanted to share with you a few more color trends for 2014.
Valspar just released their 2014 color outlook this week and it’s awesome! “In 2014, consumers will be redefining what matters and will feel a growing awareness of what’s important,” said Sue Kim, Valspar color strategist. “The Valspar 2014 Color Outlook draws on this trend, with color palettes that are inspired by how people are purposefully incorporating these redefined experiences into their daily lives.”
Valspar 2014 paint color trends - zenergy

“A movement has begun of simplifying our surroundings. Minimalism creates space for new energy. Restoration and balance inspire the Zenergy palette.” – Valspar
Valspar 2014 paint color trends - time traveler
“Reconnecting our stories with cultures and customs gone by has begun to influence modern living. Time Traveler puts a modern spin on classic style.” – Valspar
Valspar 2014 paint color trends - yours truly
“When imagination and reality collide, something beautifully imperfect happens. A focus on individual expression is at the heart of the Yours Truly palette.” – Valspar
What do you think? Any colors that jump out to you? I love the colors in “Zenergy”. So serene and calming to me.
Have you seen Benjamin Moore’s 2014 colors yet? I love the soft pastels this year.

Breath of Fresh Air - Color of the Year 2014Benjamin Moore Color Trends  - greens and earthy neutralsBenjamin Moore Color Trends 2014 - pinks and neutralsBenjamin Moore Color Trends 2014 - blue familyBenjamin Moore Color Trends 2014 - plums and lavender

Also, Behr has come out with their color trends for this year. Click on the picture below to see more inspiration and have a wonderful weekend. So glad it’s Friday!
Behr 2014 Color Trends
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Favorite Paint Colors - home tour

House Tour + a Color Combination

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a Parade of Homes tour from Montana! We moved here a few months ago after my husband graduated law school and we are loving being back home.
This tour is pure Montana, I love it. Everything in the home is decorated in a western theme and even the paint colors coordinate well. Here is a color scheme that is very neutral and although is definitely a certain theme, could work well in any home.
The main color on the walls is Bagel by Sherwin Williams and most of the trim is painted Craft Paper. I thought it went really well with the woodwork in the home (for those of you looking for more paint colors to go with wood trim. Also see my post here.)
The red accent wall in the master bedroom is painted Crabby Apple and the interior windows and doors are painted Biscuit, all by Sherwin Williams.

Favorite Paint Colors - Sherwin Williams color scheme

IMG_6846Favorite Paint Colors - home tourIMG_6828Favorite Paint Colors - home tourFavorite Paint Colors - home tourMT parade of homes6Favorite Paint Colors - home tourIMG_6833Favorite Paint Colors - home tour

The construction was completed by a friend, Joe Fulford and most of the decorating by his wife Traci. If you have any other questions, let me know but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It is definitely fall here, the cold feels like it has settled in, but I am loving it! See you next week!
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Favorite Paint Colors- combination for Believable Buff

Paint Color Combination for Believable Buff {What Color to Paint Your Powder Room}

Question from Tracy:
Q: I’m a long time follower of your blog. I’ve been putting off painting my powder room for months because I can’t choose a color that will look good with my SW Believable Buff, which is the main color in my house. My husband is begging me to get away from all the beige I have going on. Any ideas for something that will coordinate nicely but still give us a pop of color?
A: Tracy, having a great neutral like Believable Buff can make picking out coordinating colors a whole lot easier. There is no one answer to this question and it really depends upon your preference. Your powder room has separation from the rest of your home so the flow between colors is not as critical as it would be with an adjoining wall.
Below I put together some suggestions that I think would be a great place to start, once again depending upon your preference. I would choose a color you love, maybe one from the color combination below, and get samples of colors that are similar.
Lighting can also be a big factor. Powder rooms usually don’t have a lot of natural light so the color can change quite a bit from room to room. The key is to sample.

Favorite Paint Colors- combination for Believable Buff
Paint Colors to go with Believable Buff in powder room:
*Silvermist by Sherwin Williams
*Cordial by SW (I think an eggplant purple would look awesome too!)
*Footlight by SW
*Dried Thyme by SW
(On-screen paint color may differ from actual color)

Also, look through Favorite Paint Colors bathroom/powder room gallery for more inspiration. There are dozens of rooms to get your creative juices flowing and some awesome ideas not only for colors to use but decorating ideas as well.
And when you are done, send us pictures so we can see how everything turned out. 🙂
If any of you have any other suggestions, colors that you have used in your bathroom or powder room that you love, feel free to comment below.
Speaking of that, I have installed Disqus so commenting should be much easier. I would love to make it more like a forum, where you can leave paint color suggestions to posts such as this one and you don’t have to do it anonymously because of restrictions. Also, if you have a question that you need to ask I can answer you back and it will go straight to your e-mail if you subscribe to the comments, plus others will be able to see it as well.
Thank you and have a great weekend! So glad it’s Friday!

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