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Naval Paint Color Combination

The absolute best navy paint color on the market, in my opinion, is Naval by Sherwin-Williams. It looks great on walls, cabinets, and furniture and can be used beautifully in every room of your home. It’s a perfect navy that this color combination is paired with three other colors that I also love and can be used all together, or separate for a whole house color scheme.

Naval Paint Color Combination

#1 Dishy Coral by Sherwin-Williams

Dishy Coral by Sherwin-Williams

Dishy Coral looks great on walls in a bedroom…


Dresser makeover in Dishy Coral

…or on a piece of furniture. I love the pop of color it adds to this room.


Color combination for Anew Gray

#2 Anew Gray by Sherwin-Williams


Color combination for Rainwashed

#3 Rainwashed by Sherwin-Williams


Rainwashed in a differed light…


Color combination for Naval

#4 Naval by Sherwin-Williams


Color combination for Naval


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2016 Behr Paint Trends

Behr Paint Trends for 2016

Have you seen Behr’s 2016 Color Forecast? They recently released it and I’m loving all the color. They have bold options, pastels, neutrals, fun accent colors, relaxing tones, warm and cool – pretty much everything.

2016 Behr Paint Trends

I love this palette they put together. You could use it in so many ways and I think the colors are great compliments to each other.

Paint color combo for 2016 Behr Paint


Don’t you think this bathroom is adorable? You could get this similar look with the Behr 2016 color forecast by using Penthouse View, Coralette, and Modern Mint.

bathroom color combination


What are your favorites? I am definitely more of a neutral girl for the walls, but I love pops of color in furniture and accessories, and there are so many fun colors in this forecast to do this with.

I will be back tomorrow with more paint color combinations. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Another Paint Color Combination {for bathroom, guest bedroom, laundry room}


I am back with another paint combination that I think would look perfect in a bathroom, living room, laundry room or a fun guest bedroom. 1 and 3 would be fun accent colors, or you could use 3 as a bathroom color or accent wall, and 1 could be used in a dining room like the one below. You can see what these paint colors looks like in each room, which you could paint individual rooms, but I think they are more fun all together. Enjoy!

Paint color combo


Paint color combination for Passion Plum by BM

#1 Passion Plum by Benjamin Moore



Stonington Gray color combination

#2 Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore



Color combination for Jalapeno Pepper by BM

#3 Jalapeno Pepper by Benjamin Moore


Color combination for Swiss Coffee by BM

#4 Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore


For more paint color combinations, see here.

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Exterior Paint Color Combinations {What Color to Paint the Outside of My Home}

I received a question from a reader in California who is trying to figure out paint colors for the exterior of her home. On the bottom she has wood and on the top, or middle, she has stucco. She wrote me and is wanting a coastal vibe, with classic colors that won’t be too bold. She has primed the whole house, and has shutters to add to the big window in front and also a front door to paint.

What Color to Paint the Outside of My Home

I came up with 3 options that I think will look good.

Exterior color combo - classic gray

The first is a classic-toned gray, white trim and a blue door to add a pop of color and more of a coastal vibe that she was looking for.

#1 Skyline Steel by Sherwin-Williams for the stucco

#2 Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams for the trim

#3 Waterscape by Sherwin-Williams for the front door

#4 Dovetail by Sherwin-Williams for the wood and shutters

Exterior Color Combo #2

The second color combination has more taupe, and brown tones, that is classic and neutral.

#1 Softer Tan (all Sherwin-Williams) for the stucco

#2 Creamy for the trim

#3 Prairie Grass for the door and shutters

#4 Foothills for the wood areas

Exterior Color Combo #3

This last color combination has some more color, green and blue tones, to add more color, yet won’t be too bold.

#1 Rare Gray (all Sherwin-Williams again) for the stucco

#2 Casa Blanco for the trim

#3 Pewter Green for the wood areas and shutters

I didn’t leave an option for the doors, but I think a charcoal black door, like Urbane Bronze would look great, or you could paint the door the same color as the wood area. (Pewter Green)

Of course these colors are going to look different on every home. I would suggest that if there is a color scheme you like, buy the paint samples, paint a little portion on your home, and tweak them around until you love them. What I mean by “tweak”, you can lighten or darken, or go to the next shade over on the fan deck that will give you a similar color, but have slightly different undertones.

Also if you want to use these colors for your home but don’t want to do a two-tone home, then just pick one of the colors for the wood or stucco, and use the other one for the eves and shutters.

Exterior paint can be tricky, but with these tips and colors, it will make the picking out process a little less time consuming and overwhelming.

For more exterior paint colors, see here.

Have a wonderful weekend!!




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Farrow and Ball Paint Combination

I love looking at Farrow and Ball paint colors. Their neutral palette is amazing and I don’t think you could go wrong with any of their colors. Did you know that you can order a free colour book from them? I know their paint is more expensive and not everywhere sells it, we have a local paint store here that carries Farrow and Ball, but if you want a gorgeous color and you love it, the extra money might be worth it. My sister did a post on a great paint resource that can help you “match” the Farrow and Ball colors to other paint companies, that’s also a great option. Enjoy!!

Farrow and Ball Paint Combo


Bone paint color combo

#1 – Bone by Farrow and Ball



Elephant's Breath paint color combo

#2- Elephant’s Breath by Farrow and Ball




Lamp Room Gray

#3 Lamp Room Gray by Farrow and Ball



Downpipe paint color combo

4. Downpipe by Farrow and Ball


For more paint color combos, see here. Have a wonderful day!!

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Autumn Paint Color Combo

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend up by Glacier Park, and I was so inspired by all of the fall colors, I decided to put them together in a paint color combination. If you are looking for a warm paint palette for your home, this might be your answer. I love the golden tones and rich colors.

Autumn paint color combination

Hopsack paint color combination

#1 Hopsack by Sherwin-Williams


Crisp Linen paint color combination

#2 Crisp Linen by Sherwin-Williams


Bold Brick by Sherwin-Williams

#3 Bold Brick by Sherwin-Williams

Paint color combination for Anjou Pear

#4 Anjou Pear by Sherwin-Williams


For more paint color combinations, see here. Have a wonderful day!

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Paint Color Combination #2

Here is paint color combo #2. I received an e-mail from a reader looking for color to go with Tapestry Beige by Benjamin Moore (#4). Here are some options that I think would look great, either on the walls, accessories, or even the exterior. If I were going to do the exterior, I would use 1, 2 and 4. There are so many possibilities.

Paint Color Combination - Favorite Paint Colors

Below, each color is listed and you can get an idea of what it looks like on the wall.

Color combination for Stampede

#1 Stampede by Benjamin Moore


Color combination for Patriot Red

#2 Patriot Red (formally known as Confederate Red) by Benjamin Moore


Color combination for Urban Nature

#3 Urban Nature by Benjamin Moore


Color combination for Tapestry Beige

#4 Tapestry Beige by Benjamin Moore


Thanks for stopping by! If you have a paint color you need a little help with, feel free to contact me at Have a wonderful weekend!

For more paint color combinations, see here.

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Paint Color Combinations – All Month Long!

Happy October! This is a wonderful month for so many reasons. The weather here in Montana has been absolutely perfect, the colors are amazing, the decorations are so much fun and who doesn’t love apple cider, pumpkins, and sweaters? It’s one of my favorites, and I hope to make it even a little sweeter by posting paint color combinations all month long. One of my most frequently asked questions is about coordinating paint colors, so I hope that this month will help with your color decisions, whether it’s one room or a whole home.

Paint Combo #1

With these four colors from Sherwin-Williams, you could put them together however you like. Here I have #4, Palisade by Sherwin-Williams, as the main color and the top three used as accent colors. Or you can see below how they look in individual rooms if you are looking for a whole house color scheme.

Sherwin-Williams color combination

#1 China Doll by Sherwin-Williams


Grizzle Gray color combination

#2 Grizzle Gray by Sherwin Williams


Sea Salt color combination

#3 Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams


paint color combination for Palisade

#4 Palisade by Sherwin-Williams


Do you have a paint color that you are trying to find coordinating colors for? Send it on over and I will do my best to give some suggestions in a post. I hope you have a wonderful first day of October!

For more paint color combinations, see here.

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Painted Dresser: Grays Harbor {the perfect blend of navy + gray}

Before we moved to Montana we got rid of all our furniture so we didn’t have to haul it across the country and put it in storage. We slowly have been accumulating more but our master bedroom was in bad shape. Like this bad. It’s embarrassing, I know. Clothes in plastic storage bins and not a whole lot of organization, as you can see.


So when I came across this dresser at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago ($40 and it was SOLID, real wood) I bought it.

dresser before

I knew I wanted to paint it a navy gray, if that’s such a color. Navy with gray in it basically, so I searched through my fan decks and thought Grays Harbor SW 6236 looked perfect.

grays harbor by sherwin-williams

It was exactly what I was looking for and love how well it compliments the wall color so well.(Castle Path by Behr)

painted dresser after

I was going to buy new hardware, I even filled in the holes with wood filler but when I started looking at prices, I decided to just spray paint them. I used Rustoleum Nickel.

dresser after

A huge improvement and difference in mood, compared to our jumbled mess earlier.

color combination for master bedroom

See more painted furniture and color combinations

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!




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Painted Side Table: Arugula

Our living room is pretty neutral right now and is in need of some color. I have blues, greens and yellows in some of my décor but need another “pop” of color to add to our neutral walls. (We painted them Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams.) I thought this table would be perfect.

little stand

I decided to go green. I looked through so many different shades in my fan deck, I didn’t want anything sagey or lime, or too bright. I thought Arugula SW 6446 looked perfect.


I used Sherwin-Williams Harmony paint in semi-gloss and it went on great. I usually use ProClassic, but my store was out of the quart size for this shade so I decided to try this.

green paint

It went on beautifully and it’s the perfect “pop” that our living room needed and a great accent color for our walls.

little side table

Accent color for neutral walls

I am almost done with my dresser and picture frame, I will be back tomorrow to share my progress and paint colors I have been using to add more color to our home. I hope you have a great day!

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