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Americana Egg - Magnolia Paint Colors

Joanna Gaines New Paint Line

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this announcement! I know everyone is obsessed with Joanna Gaines and her decorating style, but the number one question I have when I watch her show is what paint color is she using??? Now we can all know and bring her paint choices right into our own homes.

Joanna has developed her own line of paint with beautiful colors that you can see here.



I just love her.

Joanna Gaines Launches New Paint Line – this is an awesome article about her announcement.

I would love to sample them all, but here are a few that stood out to me that I especially think are beautiful.

Americana Egg - Magnolia Paint Colors

Americana Egg

Magnolia Green - Magnolia Paint Colors

Magnolia Green

Emmie's Room- Magnolia Paint Colors

Emmie’s Room

Weathered Windmill - Magnolia Paint Colors

Weathered Windmill

Weekend - Magnolia Paint Colors


Soft Landing - Magnolia Paint Colors

Soft Landing

Shiplap - Magolia Paint Colors


Garden Trowle- Magnolia Paint Colors

Garden Trowel

Vine Ripened Tomato - Magnolia Paint Colors

Vine Ripened Tomato

Visit Magnolia Market to see Joanna’s full line of paint colors.

And for paint colors she has used on her show “Fixer Upper”, see here. Have a great day!!

paint colors featured of "Fixer Upper"

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