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E-mail questions + paint color ideas for your nursery

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am sharing with you some e-mails I received from my readers. The first one is a paint submission from Catie.

Valspar paint colors for living room

The left wall is painted Faint Maple by Valspar and the right wall is painted Carmelized Onion by Valspar.

Gray paint for living room

Pantone Charcoal Gray by Valspar

Pantone Charcoal Gray by Valspar

Paint color for the rooms above: Pantone Charcoal Gray by Valspar

Thanks so much, Catie for sharing with us. You know I love submissions!!

Also, Beth from Brooklyn wrote me with this question: “I love your website!  what colors do you recommend for a baby boys room? I am expecting another baby in February,…thinking a cream color would be beautiful, any ideas using Valspar paint?”

Congratulations, Beth! Here are a couple of inspirational photos for a baby boys room with cream/neutral walls from Valspar.

Soft Slipcover by Valspar Paint - neutral nursery paint ideas

Soft Slipcover by Valspar

Little House on the Update

neutral nursery ideas

Project Nursery

Milestone by Valspar - nursery paint color ideasMilestone by Valspar


Here are a few of my favorite neutrals by Valspar that I think would look lovely in any room.

Fairmont Penthouse Stone by Valspar {favorite neutrals}

Homestead Resort Parlor Taupe by Valspar {neutral paint colors}

Oatbran by Valspar {neutral paint colors from Valspar}

Drumskin by Valspar {neutral paint colors from Valspar}

Woodrow Wilson Putty by Valspar {neutral paint colors from Valspar}

Neutral paint colors from Valspar

See the image above for more neutral paint colors from Valspar.

Also, click on the image below to see many more nursery paint color ideas from right here on the blog.

My Album 4-001

Nursery Paint Color Ideas

And speaking of nurseries, I could do this all day…


Have a great weekend everyone!

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Favorite Paint Color of the Month {Winter in Paris}

Happy last day of January! I can’t believe we are already one month through the year, crazy stuff! We are finally getting snow in Montana and I love it. I figure if it’s going to be winter, we might as well have snow to go with it. Better now than in April I suppose.
So when I was looking at the paint color forecast for 2014, I loved Valspar’s “Zenergy” palette, especially Winter in Paris. You know how colors just jump out to you on the screen and you think, LOVE that! Well that’s exactly what I thought when I saw “Winter in Paris”.
zenergy - 2014 paint color trends

Then I came across this beautiful living room makeover from The Blissful Bee and fell in love once again. The whole transformation is amazing, but I especially love the colors. I love how this paint color has a tint of gray, a little turquoise and is not too “baby” blue. Winter in Paris by Valspar - living room paint color

Winter in Paris by Valspar - living room paint color
Winter in Paris by Valspar
I’ve decided to name it my favorite paint color of the month. Now I realize this is the last day of January, but I have a ton of favorites and will feature a new one sometime next month, and then the next month and so on. Plus, the name is just fitting for this time of year.

bathroom paint color
nursery paint color
Has anyone tried this? Does it look as good in person as it does in the pictures? I would love to know! Have a wonderful weekend my favorite readers!
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