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Favorite Cream Paint Colors

Reader Question + Favorite Cream Paint Colors

I received a question from a reader a little while ago searching for the perfect paint color for his mom. Super sweet.  He is looking for a paint color to go in his Mom’s living room and family room, that is slightly divided by an archway and would like a color that is light but has warmth. Rich creams are beautiful colors and today I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you on the blog.

I love cream, it’s a classic color and can be a great neutral for any room in the house. Below are a few of my favorites and I believe would work for any living room or family room. Of course the pictures are only pictures, but it can give you an idea of the color and suggestions for decor.

If you are looking for the perfect cream color for your home, my best advice would be to sample and to paint that sample on a piece of white card stock instead of directly on the wall. I have painted numerous samples on my walls and the current wall color next to the sample can distort it. The best depiction of the color will be on a piece of white card stock. Move the card stock around the room and look at it different times of the day to look for any weird undertones you don’t like. Creams especially can be tricky because they can appear to be more yellow or pink than cream, so sample, sample, sample! 🙂

Favorite Cream Paint Colors

Cream Fleece by BM


Castle Stone by Behr


Rich Cream by BM


Raffia Cream by Behr


Cozy Cottage by Behr

navajo white by sw

Navajo White by Sherwin-Williams


Naturel by SW

Naturel by SW


Natural Cream by BM

Natural Cream by bM


Favorite cream paint colors

Cream in my Coffee by Valspar


Do you have a favorite cream paint color that you have used in your home? I would love to hear from you, and hopefully Nick can find that perfect color for his Mom. Have a great weekend!

To view more of my favorite colors, see here.

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desk and chair paint color

My Favorites from National Painting Week

I loved seeing the transformations from other bloggers during National Painting Week. Here are a few of my favorite rooms and colors that were featured.

Drizzle by Sherwin-Williams

Four Generations One Room

desk and chair paint color

Wall color: Perfect Greige by Sherwin-Williams

Red chair: Fireweed by Sherwin-Williams

320 Sycamore

guest bedroom paint colors

Softened Green by Sherwin-Williams

Thrifty Decor Chick

family room paint colors

Dorian Gray by Sherwin-Williams

Back wall color: Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams

Home Stories A to Z

paint for boys bedroom

Wall color: Wool Skein by Sherwin-Williams

Bed color: Naval by Sherwin-Williams

Thistlewood Farms

Love them all. Don’t forget paints and stains are 30% off through Memorial Day at Sherwin-Williams. Happy Monday!!

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Top 10 Shades of Blue/Gray Paint Colors

Some of my favorite shades of grays are those with hints of blue in them. I love how fresh, clean and calm they can make a room feel. They are also very popular right now and really have become the new neutral. There are so many colors that look great with these grays, you can accent almost anything with them and they look great against white or can look beautiful with wood. When we were painting our kitchen, I tried what felt like a million samples and looked at a lot of inspiration pictures to get the perfect blue/gray to go against our white cabinets. Here are some of my favorites!

Favorite Blue/Gray Paint Colors

“`Vapor Trails by Benjamin Moore

1. Vapor Trails by Benjamin Moore (what I decided to paint our kitchen)

Molly Quinn Design

Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams

2. Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams

See more of the home tour here

Lazy Gray by Sherwin-Williams

3. Lazy Gray by Sherwin-Williams

Featured here, from Crafty Texas Girls

Silverado by Sherwin-Williams

4. Silverado by Sherwin-Williams


Comfort Gray by Sherwin-Williams

Christina’s Adventures

Rhino by Behr

6. Rhino by Behr

The Social Home

Filtered Shade by Valspar

7. Filtered Shade by Valspar

Nothing But Bonfires

Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore

8. Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore

Restyling Home by Kelly

Boothbay Gray by Benjamin Moore

9. Boothbay Gray by Benjamin Moore

Restyling Home by Kelly

10. Mount Saint Anne by Benjamin Moore

Chicago Redesign

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Our Kitchen Update

It’s been a while since I have posted any progress on our house. Like all of you, things have been so busy. Good busy, but we are still trying to unpack boxes and find a place to put everything. It’s all of the little odds and ends that kill me, but we are finally getting to the point where I feel like this is our home. One that I love to come home to and know that it is ours. We are still in the process of finishing our kitchen, but I wanted to show you our progress so far and the paint colors I chose.

Here are the before pics. Oak cabinets, wallpaper, linoleum flooring, super old appliances (funny side note- I used to babysit in this house and can remember cooking mac n’ cheese on that stove, so weird!) and countertops from the 1970’s.

Here are the BEFORES: (I was so excited to get those cabinets down I forgot to take pictures beforehand!)

Kitchen beforeKitchen before



Kitchen progress - Favorite Paint Colors

Kitchen progress - Favorite Paint Colors

Kitchen progress - Favorite Paint Colors

Kitchen progress - Favorite Paint Colors

Kitchen progress - Favorite Paint Colors

This is what we have accomplished so far:

*Painted the kitchen cabinets White Dove by Benjamin Moore (more on that later)

*Replaced all of the hardware on the cabinets, brushed nickel

*New appliances from Lowe’s

*My husband installed the hardwood floors

*We removed the wallpaper and retextured one wall because of all the gunk we couldn’t get off

*We replaced the light above the sink

*We painted the walls Vapor Trails by Benjamin Moore

Our projects we still have left to do:

*Replace the countertops, I need to make my decision this weekend, then they should take 3-4 weeks after that. Yay!

*Paint the ceiling. It needs a fresh coat of paint to cover up a couple of stains and brighten things up.

*Take out the fluorescent light and replace it

*Install the backsplash

*Replace the electrical outlets

*Create a little office area for my computer and paperwork

*Curtains and decorations

 In the meantime we have been doing projects in other rooms of our house which I will continue to show you.

 For other updates we have made, see here. It’s a work in progress, but so fun to the think of the end potential. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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Caliente by Benjamin Moore - Favorite Red Paint Colors

My Favorite Red Paint Colors

Red is THE color this time of year, and although it might not be the most popular paint trend right now, it can add beauty, warmth, energy and personality to any room. The tricky part is getting it right. Here are a few of my favorites that are GOOD reds – not too orange or pink, and that will brighten up any space.

1. Caliente by Benjamin Moore: I have seen this color in a few different spaces and have loved it every time. I love how it pops against white trim.

Caliente by Benjamin Moore - Favorite Red Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore

2. Crabby Apple by Sherwin-Williams: The perfect rustic, old-fashioned red. Perfect for a front door or on a shed or barn, as seen below.

Crabby Apple - Favorite Red Paint Colors

Pretty Handy Girl


3. Heirloom Red by Valspar: A great red for a piece of furniture or a door in your home. Love the pop of color it adds to this room. (The coordinating color on the wall is Oyster Bay by Sherwin-Williams.)

Heirloom Red by Valspar - Favorite Red Paint Colors

Southern Hospitality

4. Red by Benjamin Moore – The name says it all. True. Red.

Red by Benjamin Moore - Favorite Red Paint Colors

5. Heartthrob by Sherwin-Williams: Wouldn’t this make a great paint color for your Valentine’s Day décor?


 And another great source for no-fail reds from Real Simple

And more red paint colors found here on the blog. Enjoy your weekend!

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End Table Makeover for our Playroom

We are getting soo close to moving into our house. My husband is finishing up the kitchen and I have been tackling the playroom trying to put our toys into a semi-organized state.  I painted an old end-table I found at a yard sale last summer for the playroom and wanted to share it with you today.

My inspiration came a “you are my sunshine” plaque my mother-in-law gave to my girls a little while ago. My youngest at the time had to have this song every night before she went to bed, it reminds me of her so I love it, and especially love the color combination of the yellow, turquoise and coral. So when Sherwin-Williams released their color of the year for 2015, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our playroom. They were so kind to let me try a gallon of their Pro-Classic paint in Coral Reef, and I love the results.

playroom end table makeover

I was so excited to get working on it one night, I forgot to take before pictures. I know it’s an awful picture, but you get the idea of how it looked before it’s makeover. Pretty plain and ugly. And the blue painted carpet and mess in the background… so glad that’s gone.

end table before

I gave it a couple of coats of Zinsser Primer, sprayed on a couple of coats of Coral Reef, put the hardware back on ….

before and after end table makeover

And here it is, so much happier.

If you are looking for a perfect Coral, I think you will love this color, not too pinky or orangy, really a great mix. I am excited to show you where else I am using it in our playroom.

2015 Color of the Year

Are you signed up for Sherwin-Williams Paint Perks? Here is a video I received in my e-mail on how to incorporate Coral Reef into your home this year. Plus, geto 30% off your purchase by using this coupon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

Disclosure: I received paint from Sherwin-Williams as compensation for the post. All views and opinions expressed in the post are my own and no other compensation was provided.

 Linking up to Sarah’s before and after party at Thrifty Decor Chick


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more paint samples + my new favorite greige

We are almost done painting our interior, I can’t believe I’m saying that. There were times when I thought this day would never come. We still have our master bedroom and the kitchen to finish but our flooring is being installed on the 19th of this month so everything HAS to be done by then. I am finally seeing the light at the end of our tunnel. Smile I am not going to do any big reveals until after the flooring is in, the carpet is so gross right now, but I wanted to show you some more samples and how I went about picking my paint colors.

For the main living area, I wanted a warm greige – I had decided to paint it Wheat Bread by Martha Stewart, which I had sampled and loved on the fan deck and on our walls, and I had loved it in my sister’s home and pictures online, but when we painted the entryway and stairway it looked PURPLE.  I thought maybe it was because of the carpeting, which has purple undertones, and so I sat on it a couple of days and thought maybe it was just me or the weird lighting? Then my daughter walked in the house and the first thing she said was “I like the purple paint color, Mom”. So I decided we needed a change. Purple was not what I had in mind. Luckily I had only bought a gallon of paint. I’ve learned to not buy more than that until I am absolutely POSITIVE that’s what we are using. So I sampled more colors and decided to go with Accessible Beige, which I LOVE. You can see in this picture it’s not a whole lot different, except it doesn’t look purple and it’s a perfect greige. It looks beige in some lights and gray in others. I love it and would recommend it to anyone, and at this moment, it’s my new favorite neutral. I loved it so much we painted the nursery that color too, which I will show you in another post.

Testing out paint colors

the perfect greige paint color

A few weeks ago I did post about picking out a paint color for our kitchen. I had chosen Castle Path, which I still love, but I think I’m going to add some more color and use Castle Path in our bedroom. I know, I’m so indecisive. That’s what happens when you spend 2+ months painting I guess, it’s given me too much time to change my mind. I will talk kitchen paint colors later, but just wanted to show you the difference of what Castle Path looks like against white and what it looks like in our bedroom.

castle path by Martha Stewart

In the kitchen

castle path 2

It looks like a completely different color here. I know it’s because of the background color, but it’s crazy how paint can change from room to room. My point? If you want to love your paint color, sample it like crazy and look at it in every room and every light because it will change.

Favorite blue paint colors

Lastly, my daughters wanted “blue” in their room. So I sampled a few different colors, some turquoises and some gray-blues.

1. Rainwashed by Sherwin-Williams

2. Rainwashed at 50%

3. Watery by Sherwin-Williams

4. Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams

5. Vapor Trails by Benjamin Moore

6. Comfort Gray by Benjamin Moore

I decided to go with #1 for their bedroom – one of my top 10 turquoises. Here are some other favorites I posted about here.

Top 10 Turquoise Paint Colors

So this is kind of the process I went through to decide on some of the paint colors for our home. No easy tricks or tips, just getting an idea of what you like by looking at fan decks, online pictures, and other peoples houses, etc. and then sampling the heck out of them. Are any of you as indecisive as I am??? There are just too many pretty colors!

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Our Progress This Week 11.14.14

Remodeling is a SLOW process when you’re DIYing it. I have thought on a number occasions, what did we get ourselves into?! But when I look at what we have accomplished over the past week, it makes me feel a little better. We still are not living in our house, which I am so grateful for because we can work on a project and just leave but that means we only spend a few hours during the week in the evenings, and then we devote our Saturdays to being at the house. It’s still a little overwhelming to think of all we need to do, but my Mom reminds me by the yard it’s hard, and by the inch it’s a cinch. Smile I have repeated that to myself many times. So what have we accomplished?

Our biggest project that we have completed so far is our popcorn ceilings. They were everywhere and soo messy. I will show you how we did it in another post, but here is a picture of my husband scraping them off, it was a huge job and pretty physically demanding, but they are finally off!

Popcorn ceilings

Now he is in the process of texturing the ceilings which I hope we can finish tomorrow. Then we get to paint them and move on to more “fun” projects.

My focus has been the kitchen. I have all of the cabinets sanded (with a little help) and now I am filling in the holes with wood putty, and will hopefully finish that today and then move on to priming them tomorrow.

Sanding kitchen cabinets

Another major accomplishment? I have decided on a paint color for our kitchen! Wahoo! I went a little crazy at the Sherwin-Williams sale and bought 16 samples of some of my favorite neutrals.  It’s so much fun to see them on your wall and compare them to each other. Here are the colors I sampled, complete with my mental notes.

Kitchen paint color options {neutrals}

1. Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore – love this color, but it’s a little too light. I might use it somewhere else.

2. Sandstone by Behr – also too light, and I want a little more gray

3. Wheat Bread by Behr – Red heart

4. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore – Red heart

5. Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore –  more blue than I want.

6. Ashen Tan by BM – red undertones

7. Accessible Beige by SW – Red heart

8. Senora Gray by BM –  green undertones and a little too cool.

9. Ocean Pearl by Behr– too green.

10 Castle Path by Behr- Red heart

11. Bar Harbor Beige by BM – too much gold.

12. Collonade Gray by Sherwin-Williams – not warm enough.

13. Amazing Gray by Sherwin-Williams – Red heart

14. Sea Salt by SW (a little too light and blue for the kitchen. A possibility for the dining room.)

15. Comfort Gray by SW – Red heart 

16. Vapor Trails by BM ( Red heart my favorite bluish gray)

I had a hard time deciding because I have seen so many of these colors in your home and have just loved them, and I know that any of these colors would look good, but I wanted something that was warmer, would pop against my white cabinets, and not have any weird undertones. After looking at them over the course of the day I decided on….. (drumroll please)

#10 – Castle Path by Behr

It’s a perfect balance of gray and beige and it is dark enough to contrast well with my cabinets, but not too light that it gets washed out. Right now we have some lovely raspberry wallpaper that needs to be taken off first and I want to finish painting our cabinets, so it’s going to be a little while before I get to paint our walls, but I can’t wait to see it in the whole room.

That’s our progress for now,  I will continue to give you more updates along with more paint colors. Thanks so much for sticking with me in this journey and have a great weekend!

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My 5 Top White Paint Colors

Lately I have had quite a few questions about picking out the right white paint. So today we’re going to talk about a few of the most versatile, fail-proof, go with everything white paint colors there are. When it comes down to picking out the perfect white paint and you have dozens of choices to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. Warm whites, cool whites, ultra whites, creamy whites – it’s kind of hard to know what to pick. So I have taken my number one choice from 5 popular paint brands (Benjamin Moore, Behr, Glidden, Sherwin-Williams and Valspar) to hopefully help you narrow down your choice. I love these whites because they will work for anything and go with pretty much any color. Whether you are painting trim, wainscoting, walls, cabinets or a piece of furniture, these colors will work beautifully.

Top 5 White Paint Colors {most versatile whites from 5 popular brands}

*My favorite white from Benjamin Moore: White Dove

*Favorite from Behr: Swiss Coffee

*My top white from Sherwin-Williams: Dover White

*The best white from Glidden: Antique White

*And my favorite white by Valspar? Bistro White

Here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures using the colors above.

Favorite white from Benjamin Moore - White Dove

The wall color is White Dove by Benjamin Moore. I love how clean and classy white walls can make a room feel.


White Dove on the kitchen cabinets and island. Another fresh, clean look.


Favorite white paint from Behr - Swiss Coffee on board and batten

The board and batten and trim are all painted Swiss Coffee by Behr from this lovely guest bedroom.

Live on Virginia Street

Favorite white from Sherwin-Williams: Dover White painted trim

All of the trim is painted Dover White by Sherwin-Williams. Love the contrast it gives to this other light neutral.


Favorite white paint from Glidden

Katy from Made by Katy used Antique White by Glidden when she painted stripes in her laundry room. So cute!

Beautiful white paint from Valspar - Bistro White in mudroom

LOVE this mudroom painted Bistro White by Valspar.


painted kitchen countertops - Bistro White by Valspar

And painted countertops in Bistro White. So pretty!

Buckets of Burlap

For more pictures and inspiration of white paint on FPC, see here.

So what about you? Is there favorite white you have used in your home? I would love to hear about it. Have a beautiful weekend!!

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Wythe Blue {exterior front door color}

Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore has always been one of my favorite paint colors, especially as an exterior front door color. How can you not love it after seeing it on these houses?

front door paint color

Homes by Clarko

Wythe Blue via House of Turquoise

Wythe Blue Front Door

Wythe Blue Front Door via Freckle Face Girl

Wythe Blue Front Door

Wythe Blue via The Wood Grain Cottage

front door paint color - Wythe Blue BM

Storywood Designs

I always start noticing front doors a lot more this time of year. Maybe it’s the pretty spring wreaths or the flowers on the porch, but I think the front door says everything about the house. If you are wanting to spruce up your exterior without a ton of effort, I would start with the front door. Wythe Blue just seems to draw me in, maybe almost in a stalkerish kind of way. Don’t you want to see the inside of these houses now? Well luckily for blogland, you can by clicking on the link,  but what about you, do you have a favorite front door color you have used or have seen on others houses?  We could do a whole series just on this subject.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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